Student Work

The above images are examples of student work spanning the breadth of my teaching experience. For more in depth explanation of specific assignments and work samples and video continue down the page.

If you prefer a list view with project descriptions follow this link.

Video Documentation from New Media: Robotics

Media Tactics: Spooky Collaboration at a Distance

For this project students collaborated with a video class at Texas Christian University taught by Nick Bontrager. Students were required to compose a 1 to 3 minute video from footage sent from TCU. In turn, each student submitted ten thirty second long video clips to send to TCU. Here are some of the results:

Media Tactics: VideoFilm/PodCast Competition

An in class competition in the tradition of 48 hour film festivals. Students wrote down a place, event, quote, name, and prop and then chose each at random from a hat. They were required to use at least three of their chosen subjects in their video or podcast. The class voted for their favorites and prizes were awarded. The winners are below: