CAUTION: Clicking on the above image will open a page that may crash your browser! If you use Safari it will almost instantly crash. Chrome and Firefox handle it with more grace. Not tested with Opera or Internet Explorer. Expect to wait a minute or more depending on your internet connection before content starts to appear. As the browser is consumed with processing 300 http requests clicking on any links that appear will garner no response.

Scripting Exercise

Using my rusty Bash shell scripting skills as an obstruction I wrote a script that grabs my browsing history from Chrome and assembles an html file with a 50 pixel by 50 pixel iframe for each of the 300 most recent sites I have visited. This means that the browser attempts to make 300 http requests at once. In doing so it creates an animation that runs for approximately 10 minutes.

The exercise is in the realm of glitch art, which is defined as the aestheticization of digital or analog errors, such as artifacts and other bugs. The unusable nature of the data (being unable to click on a link) is part of the work, as is exposing the typically invisible way in which the browser handles multiple http requests.