Professional Practice

Below are links to other artists' projects and a commercial business to which I have contributed and other professional work.

Ann Hamilton: The Event of a Thread

As an assistant for Ann Hamilton I helped to develop her recent exhibition at the Park Avenue Armory in New York City titled The Event of a Thread. My primary duties included building fifty custom radio receivers housed in brown paper bags, writing tuning software for said receivers, and building a one half inch to one foot scale model of the Park Avenue Armory to test the physics of the swings and curtain. I was also part of the team that installed and maintained the work the exhibition.
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Doo Sung Yoo: Vishtauroborg

Doo Sung Yoo hired me to write the software that allowed an array of digital gyroscopes, accelerometers, magnetometers, and flex sensors mounted to the dancer's arms to control the firing of 14 pneumatic cylinders and forward the sensor data wirelessly to a Max/MSP patch. Two networked Arduino Megas split the workload and a third took data from sensors mounted on the cow tongues and translated the motions of the tongues into robotic speech. The sensor data sent to the Max/MSP patch manipulated the soundscape created by the sound designer in real time.
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IO2 Technology

At IO2 Technology I served as both the head of Research and Design and as a Production Manager. After leaving IO2 I have continued consulting work with them and have traveled around the world to install free-space displays.
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